Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, what else can you call it? The fight Joe Cleary describes in the article I linked to is by now just one of dozens; the fabs aren't going down quietly, and why would they? We're talking livelihoods, homes, not to mention some insanely cool tech.

Right now, things are moving so fast I probably can't give you an accurate summary. From following the fab net, though, it is looking like the IPTO tried to simultaneously board two dozen fabs (using Thor-class frigates, not police cruisers!) to maximize surprise, and got ambushed on twenty out of twenty four raids. If you think the fab 'net had inside info... you would be right.

Bad news coming through: it is very likely that not all raids were bloodless. The frigate Club is officially posted as "missing", and nothing has been heard from anyone on the fab El Dorado for nearly a day. I don't know about you, but my adrenaline levels are through the roof... okay, I was bored, yes, I was looking for "adventure", but... battleships!

What are we doing to stay alive and out of jail? Well, it is a bit late to back out now, so we've been implementing some pretty special security measures here: without comprising us too badly, I think I can tell you that we are very focused on minimizing emissions, whether they be photons, neutrons, or electrons. For example, all comms with the outside world start out as laser transmissions, narrow beams relayed via a series of relay beacons (no, I can't say how many!), pretty near impossible to track; a more serious problem has been our reactor - you don't output 1 terawatt without also having to radiate a serious amount of waste heat (not to mention a few stray neutrons). There isn't much point "whispering" by laser if we are tied to an enormous infra-red beacon! Then, there is also the small matter of our hull, painted a uniform white, and visible from Earth orbit (with the right telescope!). Oh, and did I mention radar, lidar? At least sonar is not an issue!

We've actually managed a pretty comprehensive fix for all these problems, and right now, there probably isn't a better-hidden facility in the system; let's just say we are snug as a pea in a pod. Ultimately, though, we didn't buy this fab to play hide & go seek, which is why we are now putting all resources into a final push to get our Big Project ready to roll.

So what is the big project? What made me ditch the secure-but-dull 09:00 - 17:00? Can't tell you yet: definitely not a weapons system, but absolutely the most exciting thing I've ever built. Where we got the design docs I'm not sure - JD must be some operator though. Worth risking my neck for? Well, maybe...

Coming soon: the law comes to visit, and the Big Project gets fired up

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