Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Extra Jure

Well, we are at our "undisclosed location", where we'll probably spending the next few months. JD's been working with our legal people on the ramifications of this little bombshell... we had anticipated some kind of IPTO action, hence the rush to get the Cornucopia moving, but nothing so radical. Legally, the situation isn't clear - the Cornucopia is now owned by a fairly exotic legal entity, some kind of off-planet trust, and isn't orbiting any celestial body with IPTO standing, so you could make a case that our fab isn't affected. However, the legal and political situation is extremely fluid, and JD says we can't rule out some kind of enforcement action.

Given the above, I'm not going to be posting anything specific about my current location. In fact, posting in general is getting a bit harder to do; I'm back in a traditional engineering role, and working full tilt on two projects at the same time.
  • A major refit of the Cornucopia, designed to make her a little less conspicuous ( hedging our bets on the legal front, re enforcement etc). Probably won't be able to give specifics on this for a while.
  • Fabbing a very special... tug, let's call it. What's special about it? Mostly, it's the engines. If you have been reading from the start, you can probably guess what I'm hinting at...

The schedule is pretty insane; we've even re-used the rail-gun assembly as feedstock for our fab (meaning that although we can re-orient the Cornucopia with her own thrusters, we now have no way to significantly change her current orbit) - just to save the time it would've taken to refine enough raw ore to replace the carbon etc. we used on the gun.

More soon on what we are building, and why.

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